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Melaka MosqueThe city of Malacca or as it is known in Malay Melaka is the capital of the state of Malacca. It is situated on the western coast of the Malaysia peninsula. If you look at the city of Melaka today you will find that the city has a vibrant feel to it. Based on a rich heritage of traditions and cultures this state as well as the city has a lot to offer to the people coming here to visit. The experience is a rich and unique one, something is difficult to forget. The city of Melaka was also given the status of a World Heritage Site in the year 2008.

Melaka started out its journey as a very small fishing village which had a small population of local Malays staying there. The last Raja of Singapura, Sri Majara was the person who founded the city of Melaka. It was in the year 1377 when the small city was founded. There are a large number of folklore and tales about how the city ws discovered and how the name came about to be. Melaka soon became the center of the Peranakan culture and so got a very rich heritage and culture from here that has stayed alive till today. When the Chinese first came here they settled as miners and coolies. These Chinese settlers then went about adopting the local customs and also married into the local families. This is the reason for the interesting mixture of cultures that is found here. This was the beginning of the foundation of the Melaka culture that has become the amazing thing that it is today.

There are many ways in which you can get in to the city. The easiest way is to fly in though there is the problem that there are limited numbers of international flights that will bring you directly here. Most of the international flights will take you to the nearby Indonesian destinations. There are a number of services that will provide a large number of domestic flights like the Sky Aviation, Firefly and Wings Air. The airport of Melaka is the Malacca International Airport which is located around ten kilometers away from the city.Once you reach the airport you can easily get into the city. There are a number of bus services that will take you to the city core.

If you are not a frequent flier then there are many bus services that will get you in to Melaka from many of the nearby towns like Seremban, Johor Bahru as well as Singapore. The bus journey is an experience in itself and if you do not have a problem with buses you should definitely try out this journey. All the buses will take you to the Melaka Sentral which is the bus terminus and is located around 4.5 kilometer from the main part of the city. It has been seen that there are also buses which will drop you to the bus station as well as those that will take you from the bus terminus to the center of the city.

Another option for the tourists is to get to Melaka by train. However the problem with this is that the town of Melaka is not serviced by any of the train lines and as such there is a bus service that will take you from Melaka to the nearest station. The nearest railway station is in the Alor Gajah district which is around 30n kilometer from the main city of Melaka. If not the bus then there is the option of a taxi. You will find a few waiting outside the station waiting for passengers. For the passengers coming in with considerable luggage and on a reasonable budget then this is the best option that is available here. If you are on the more adventurous side then try hiring a car and drive down to Melaka. It can be accessed from the North south Expressway. You can easily rent a car and then move out of the city of Kuala Lumpur and then enter the city of Melaka. There is also the option of boats which ferry passengers regularly from various parts of Indonesia like Sumatra and Dumai. The main jetty from where all the ferries depart is the Harbour Master’s jetty.

Once you have reached Melaka then getting around the city to explore it is a different experience in itself. It is not a small city and so exploring all of it on foot is not such a good idea. There is a monorail system in place in the city. It was opened in the year 2010 but there were many technical problems which came about and as such it was closed down in the month of December the same year and has remained so. If you are planning on exploring the city with a car you need to be careful. The streets in the older parts of the city are very narrow and usually will get clogged especially on weekends. It is best if you plan your route of travel accordingly. Using a car to travel these areas can be a very interesting and memorable experience. If not into hiring a car then there are metered taxis that will take you anywhere in the city. The taxi drivers are such that they are extremely friendly with the incoming tourists and as such are always ready to help you out. Be it the hotels or the tourist destinations you can rely on the taxi drivers to take you there and reach you safely.

You will also find regular bus services that will take you from any part of the city to your destination and that too at reasonable prices. There are many other options available to you. You can hire a bicycle and have a romantic time discovering the history of this place at your own pace. The best part about this city is the fact that the city has a rich history and culture that will get you to fall in love with the place.

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