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The city of Melaka is a city that is full of rich culture and traditions that have made the city popular among the people who are coming here. The city has managed to retain the culture of the past while at the same time keeping up breast with the pace of the world as it moves today. This is perhaps the reason why you can still get the charm of the bygone days even when you are walking along the streets of an upcoming market. This is perhaps the reason why people who come here fall in love with the quaint narrow streets and the beautiful houses that line the streets. If you are not in the core of the city then you may be forgiven for thinking that the city is made up of only the old buildings. But once you reach the center there is much more to the city and its history than the buildings.

The food of the city is just like the history of the place. The city has become a lively city with the culture and the modern day life being celebrated equally. The food here is well known for the lively feel that it has to it. The plate set before you will be bound to surprise you. The way the food is prepared is different from the rest. In this way the food that is served here also has a distinct charm to it that separates it from the rest of the world. The city of Malacca has a large number of food stalls and restaurants that will provide different kinds of cuisine to its people. These food stalls will serve authentic Malay style of food along with the flavors from countries like China, Portugal and India as well. But as is expected the food that is found here is largely influenced by the Malay flavors. The food here is largely Malay in its style and flavors, though some flavors have been added to give it a slight twist in the flavor.

The food here has ample evidence of the fact that the culture of the place is such that there are multiple cultures that are at play here. It is seen that the food here is such that it reflects the different aspects of the cultures of the various people who have settled here. The ethnic groups that settled here brought with them their own culture and adapted it to the local flavors and thus brought about a mixture of flavors that have today made the cuisine of this place unique in nature. The use of spices and herbs is done liberally here in the cuisine such that the food is very aromatic and assaults the senses when people settle to eat the food.The staple food of the people here is rice. The mot popular dish is the nasi lemak which is basically rice steamed along with coconut milk so that it can get a very rich flavor and fragrance that is sure to make your mouth water. The dish is served along with a large number of side dishes like peanuts, sliced cucumber, hard boiled eggs and a spicy chili paste that is made in such a way that the food becomes hot as well as spicy at the same time. The nasi lemak is often considered to be the national food of the country. In fact it has been seen that the food here is full of spices and is very rich in flavors.

Apart from the rice the noodles are a very important part of the cuisine that is found here. The Malaysian Chinese food that is found here is very popular and among the different varieties of food that is available here the noodles are the most important dishes that are available here. The noodles here are made in different ways and have been an important component of the food that is eaten here. The most important thing about the cuisine here is that the food is prepared with love and care. The passion that the people here have for their food is something that comes forward very strongly in the food as it is prepared here.

Among the other sources of carbohydrates the use of bread is done very widely here. It has been seen that bread is commonly eaten by a large number of people. The westernization of the cuisine is proof of the fact that the food has a western influence as well. However this additionis something that is relatively new and has seen the light of day only in the last generation when the people have more openly accepted the fact that the food eaten in the west is also acceptable. Meat plays a very important role in the diet of the people of the country. The poultry is cooked with great care. However the meat that is eaten here is done in such a way that the strong influence of the Halal or the Islam religion will come forward very strongly in the method of food preparation. Beef is eaten here on a large scale though there are many people of different religions who are averse to eating of this food especially among them are the Buddhists and the Hindus. The beef that is cooked here is usually done in the form of curries and with noodles or is roasted. The beef that is eaten here is generally Halal in nature. In fact it has been seen that the meat cooked here is largely Halal in nature. Perhaps that is what keeps the food distinguished from the rest of the cuisines found in the world.

Apart from the meat the people of Melaka will also consume a large amount of seafood which is an obvious choice considering the fact that the city is very close to the sea. Apart from the seafood there are a large number of fruits and vegetables which can also be used to augment the dish. The food over here is rich in flavors and colors and as such the food is well enjoyed by all that come here. There is almost nothing that the people who come here will not like. The food has the unique capacity of being able to adhere to the tastes of almost any person staying in the world.

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