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The city of Melaka is a city rich in local heritage and culture. The city has been built on a mixture of cultures and traditions that have been a part of the city for a very long period of time. The city was built from a small fishing village and has today become a bustling city that is full of a rich heritage and culture. The most important thing about the city is the fact that there are a vast number of ancient sites and buildings that draw in huge crowds every year. The city is the capital of the state of Malacca. It has become popular over the years as a very vibrant city with huge amount of history on display here.

There is a part of the city which is slightly older than the rest and as such it has the major historical sites here. It has an old palace that has been left behind by the Europeans and also a large number of buildings that have the stamp of European architecture on it. In addition to these buildings there are also many shops and private houses that have been now left open for the public viewing. These houses are ancient and are more than a century old and date back to the time when the city was just being built up by the Europeans. The details on many of these buildings are simply astounding. The buildings had been built with a Chinese influence and this is very evident in the details that are seen here. Be it the painted plaster or the molded in porcelain. The buildings have been taken great care of by the government and the city officials. The government has to continually paint these buildings because of the pedestrians who pass by and spit on the buildings. This practice has left the buildings looking ugly and as such they have lost their aesthetic value.

There are many heritage sites that are also on display here. Take a trip down time when you visit the Baba and Nyonya Peranakan Museum and get a taste of the history of the ages gone by. The museum is actually a town house that has been on display here and has been turned into a museum. The museum has some of the best examples of the ancient culture of the city and as such is an important landmark and heritage site of the city. The Cheng Hoon Teng Temple is the oldest temple that has been built here. The temple has inscriptions that are dating back in time to the year 1685. This temple bears evidence to the deeds of the kings of the ages past. There is also a Christ Church that was built in the seventeenth century in between the years 1741 and the year 1753. The church was built with great care and the bricks that were used to build up the church were shipped in from the Netherlands and Zeeland. It was built over the ruins of another Portuguese church. It has been said that the floor of the church still holds evidence of the past and has many Dutch tombstones still intact. This church is the oldest protestant church that was built in Malaysia. In fact if you look at the altar you will find that the silverware there still bears evidence to the Dutch occupancy.

Tang Beng Swee Clock TowerSurrounding the Christ Church is the Dutch Square which is home to the Tang Beng Swee Clock Tower. It is a very old clock tower that was built in the year 1886. However this is not of Dutch origin. The heart of the old city of Melaka is in the streets of Jonker, Heeren and the adjacent streets that are surrounding the city’s heart. This is the residential area of the Old Melaka and is lying just west of the Melaka river. This gives you a true sense of the days gone by. Narrow winding streets with tiny shops and old houses that have been built more than a century ago. There are houses along with temples and mosques. Coming here you will feel as if you have stepped back in time. The entire place is now slowly undergoing a change. The shops, restaurants and the rest of the city is all undergoing a change that has been made to cater to the needs of the tourists coming here. It has been seen that the shops are undergoing what many people say is a period of renaissance. But this change has not made any of the atmosphere go away. It has still managed to hold on to the ancient charm of the place. There is a street here which is known as the Harmony Street. It so bears the name since it is the place that is the home to the three main religions of the place. In fact it is said to be the best symbol of unity that is the primary aim of the Malay culture.

Among the museums the notable ones are the Malaysian Navy Museum, the Malay and Islamic World Museum which are all museums holding evidence to the fact that there was a rich history in this place. The Masjid Kampung Hulu was built in the year 1728 and is among the oldest mosques which were built here which are still functioning. The Muzium Budaya is the Sultante Palace that is built right below the hill. It is now a museum which showcases evidences of the rich heritage of this place. It was built in the year 1985 and has continued to draw large crowds of people every day for the past so many years. If you climb up the hill you will find yourselves at the Saint Paul’s Church that was built by the Portuguese in the year 1521. It was used as a burial ground for many Dutch, evidence of which can still be seen in many parts of the church where the ancient tombstones still lie.

The city of Melaka is one which has managed to develop with the times as well as managed to take on the mammoth task of keeping the heritage alive in the streets of the city.

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