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Melaka is a beautiful city situated on the western coast of Malaysia. It occupies an area of about six hundred and forty three square miles. The inhabitants of this state are Chinese, Malays and Dutch. In the early years it used to be a trading port for the European people. However, today it has turned into a wonderful tourist destination.  This beautiful city of Malacca has some historical significance as well. Some of the major attractions of the city include St. Paul’s Church, a Portuguese fortress and a Dutch cemetery. One can explore some of these places only on foot. The St. Peter’s Church was built by the Dutch in the year 1710. The Portuguese had built the famous Fort A Famosa in the year 1511.  This city is being governed by the members of the Executive Committee.

The visitors can go to the Taming Sari Revolving Tower in order to get the entire view of this wonderful city.  There are many shopping complexes on both sides of the Jonker Street. The Jonker Street is extremely popular for various antique items. This beautiful town is about one hundred and fifty kilometers away from Kula Lumpur. The Batu Berendam Airport is also located in close proximity. All types of cuisines are available in this town. The quality of food is excellent in this part of the world.  The local dish known as “sambal belachan” is very tasty indeed. This town is even regarded as a world Heritage site under UNESCO.  There are some spectacular hotels in this town. The facilities and services provided in some of the hotels are simply outstanding.  The town provides excellent transport facilities as well.

The state earns a huge amount of money from tourism. This town is extremely rich in terms of cultural heritage. This place is also known to manufacture various food products as well as consumer products.

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